GRoup members

Caruso group, April 2024
From left to right: Yiming Pan, Nina Girotto, Marlene Abshagen, Christoph Emeis, Philipp Lauwen, Fabio Caruso

Yiming Pan

PhD student 

Christoph Emeis

PhD student

Gowri Sankar Shaju

PhD student

Philipp Lauwen

Master student

MArlene Abshagen

Bachelor student

Fabio Caruso

Principal investigator


  • Nina Girotto, visiting PhD student (2024)
  • Dr. Aleksandar Zivkovic, Postdoc (2024)
  • Melina Seidel, Bachelor Student (2022-2023)
  • Mate ─ćapin, Master Student (2021-2022)
  • Jan-Niklas Mohr, Bachelor Student (2022)
  • Neil Matzen, Bachelor Student (2022)
  • Jean-Noel Varenne, Bachelor Student (2021)


  • Mate ─ćapin, "Non-equilibrium lattice dynamics of THz-driven polar semiconductors from first principles", Master Thesis (2022) [pdf]
  • Jan-Niklas Mohr, "Ab-initio study of the electronic properties of trigonal Tellurium", Bachelor Thesis (2022) [pdf]
  • Melina Seidel, "Valley-selective circular dichroism from substrate induced symmetry breaking in two-dimensional silver", Bachelor Thesis (2022) [pdf]
  • Christoph Emeis, "Ab-initio calculation of electron-boson coupling in highly-doped hafnium disulfide", Master Thesis (2022) [pdf]
  • Neil Matzen, " The influence of spin-orbit-coupling on the electronic properties of Molybdenum ditelluride", Bachelor Thesis (2022) [pdf]
  • Jean-Noel Varenne, "Linear Dichroism in the Optical Absorption of Two-Dimensional Materials", Bachelor Thesis (2021) [pdf]