GRoup members

Caruso group, April 2023

Yiming Pan

PhD student 

Christoph Emeis

PhD student

Philipp Lauwen

Master student

Fabio Caruso

Principal investigator


  • Melina Seidel, Bachelor Student (2022-2023)
  • Mate ─ćapin, Master Student (2021-2022)
  • Jan-Niklas Mohr, Bachelor Student (2022)
  • Neil Matzen, Bachelor Student (2022)
  • Jean-Noel Varenne, Bachelor Student (2021)


  • Mate ─ćapin, "Non-equilibrium lattice dynamics of THz-driven polar semiconductors from first principles", Master Thesis (2022) [pdf]
  • Jan-Niklas Mohr, "Ab-initio study of the electronic properties of trigonal Tellurium", Bachelor Thesis (2022) [pdf]
  • Melina Seidel, "Valley-selective circular dichroism from substrate induced symmetry breaking in two-dimensional silver", Bachelor Thesis (2022) [pdf]
  • Christoph Emeis, "Ab-initio calculation of electron-boson coupling in highly-doped hafnium disulfide", Master Thesis (2022) [pdf]
  • Neil Matzen, " The influence of spin-orbit-coupling on the electronic properties of Molybdenum ditelluride", Bachelor Thesis (2022) [pdf]
  • Jean-Noel Varenne, "Linear Dichroism in the Optical Absorption of Two-Dimensional Materials", Bachelor Thesis (2021) [pdf]